Quite an age!

I have been on the run, from events planning to management and making that parry a memorable one. As you have known, I no dey carry last for events ‘Owambe’ Now, Dee events and fashions is coming out big in a new way. Guess???? Imported wedding dresses. This is one thing that drives ladies crazy….

It’s a new week.

After the long weekend, a new week is here again. Preparing for work tomorrow morning? As the morning makes the day, so also, Monday makes the week! This makes how you look on a Monday Morning very important. Stop that habit of repeating the clothes worn to Church on Sunday to Work on a Monday morning. There should be no casual dressing on Monday. It is a serious business day and you have to be corporate for the day. Try out something new this week. A nice shirt on a suit skirt or pant trousers with a shoe with moderate heel. This is office and not a social eventevent, a high heel will disrupt the activities of the day. Try an attractive color combination. A brown on black will not be too good to start your week. Have at least a bright color in your color mix and I bet you are going to have a good day n week. Do not forget to ask God in bringing his beauty on your life. Do have a glorious week!

Welcome note from Dee fashion and events. (Deefne)

I’m very delighted to have you here. Looking good is good business and because of the importance of this, everyone becomes a lover of fashion as we all want to look good. Yet,there are a few challenges that doesn’t help us achieve that which we so desire. You sure have an event coming up; birthday,…